My website is current.New pictures of my miniature poodles, Shih Poo’s, Shorkies & Shih Tzu’s. 

  • I list when I have pups under each breed along with a price & pictures  This weekend I have ready to go – 2 female miniature poodles, 2 Shih Poo’s & 2 Shorkies.  I also have 2 younger Shih Tzu’s &  2  Shih Poo’s next. Taking deposits. 

if the pictures say SOLD- they are not available. The process of getting a pup from me is changing. I will only show pups younger than 6 weeks old with pictures. This is my moms busy season. Watch for new photos. I don’t do wait lists but you can put a deposit down on the younger ones & visit when they are old enough. Deposits are transferable if for some reason you like another pup that is available. 

Text is the easiest way to reach me. I live on 40 acres & usually don’t have my cell on me while working. I try to return inquiries but please be specific what breed you are interested in – not “do you have puppies”. I have posted all the info I have on each breed.  719-332-1939 Text’s are appreciated. I don’t count on anything until after they are born and about 4 weeks old. Their eyes do not even open until 2 weeks after they are born – and they look like mice- not puppies.

Breeders that are State licensed cannot meet you anywhere but our homes. You cannot bring your other dogs to meet the pups. They are at high risk until they have had all their shots. It is best for them to meet the pup in your home when you get them. Put a gate up and let them sniff each other & wait until they are excited to meet each each other. Then monitor them and their time together. Puppies need to learn their social skills with other dogs so they can get along with & play well with other. Puppies can be annoying to other dogs until they learn these social skills.

My email is

I can schedule a phone meeting time once you have texted or emailed. I do not answer calls when I am with clients or in the morning when I am busy doing chores.

All of my Pups are Low shed to Non Shed

The parents are chosen to produce the best hybrids that are good for people with allergies, make wonderful family pets & are non-shedding. They are sold as pets only.


2nd Generation Hybrids

This type of breeding can lead to unpredictable results unless the breeder knows what they are doing and there is no inbreeding. You might lose the health benefits of the 1st generation or crossback breedings if it isn’t bred correctly. I breed multi generational pups only if the parents are of a totally different lineage. I have great success with my goldendoodles. They are smaller than standard size with all the wonderful characteristics of a golden/poodle mixture. Not looking for a 65+ pound  Goldendoodle?  These may be just what you want. 30-45 pounds on average. They will be a mid size dog.  Beautiful color! They are in high demand and go quickly. Expecting 2 litters this October. I will take 5 deposits for girls & 5 for boys. The deposits are $300 & you can see them at 6 weeks with a deposit. 7 weeks I open it up to everyone & they can go home at 8 weeks.