All of my Pups are Low shed to Non Shed

The parents are duel registered AKC & CKC that are specially chosen to produce the best hybrids that are good for people with allergies, make wonderful family pets & are non-shedding. Most of the pups come with CKC registration papers. I breed 1st generation hybrids with an occasional cross back or F1B. I can take credit cards now on pickup. Pay pal or check for deposit.


2nd generation Hybrids

This type of breeding can lead to unpredictable results unless the breeder knows what they are doing and there is no inbreeding. You might lose the health benefits of the 1st generation or crossback breedings if it isn’t bred correctly. I breed multi generational pups only if the parents are of a totally different lineage. I have great success with my goldendoodles. They are smaller than standard size with all the wonderful characteristics of a golden/poodle mixture. Not looking for a 65+ pound  Goldendoodle?  These may be just what you want. 30-45 pounds on average. They will be a mid size dog.  Beautiful color! They are in high demand and go quickly.