Designer Pups & Hybrids

poodle breeding coloradoGood breeding is an art and a science.

Our Dog Breeds that are sometimes available. Please note I only may have 1 or 2 litters a year  with some designer breeds or pure bred pups.

My most popular are shih poo’s, Shorkies & yorkie poo’s. The medium size breed, my miniature golden doodles, are very popular as well.

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My small designer pups are great with kids or older family members. They are usually between 6-10 pounds (give or take a pound or 2) at adult weight and most clients with allergies have no problems. I sometimes have pups that are larger and smaller – please inquire.

They love being pampered and can go with you everywhere. Prices are from $1500+ depending on size, color and sex. They come with first shots and a 1 year health guarantee along with being vet checked and up to date on shots before they leave

Both parents of my designer breeds are registered pure-bred dogs so you are not getting a 2nd generation hybrid. This is a F1 breeding.
Occasionally I will breed a crossback -Yorkie-Poo with my poodle so they are still Yorkie Poos but 3/4 poodle & 1/4 Yorkie. This makes them more desireable to clients who want a Yorkie Poo but are highly allergic. This is a F1B breeding. I also can do a Shih Tzu with a Shih Poo. This produces a Shih Poo with the distint coloring of the Shih Tzu while cutting down on the nose, eye and leg problems of the purebred. Shih Tzu and usually produce a smaller dog which is very quick to learn & extremely social. This is also a F1B breeding.