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Sales Contract For Pet Puppy

I, Kathryn Michaels, agree to sell this ___________ puppy, sex ________,
date of birth _______________, color/markings______________
Litter Registration Number___________________

It is understood that at the time of sale, this puppy is representative of its breed. It is structurally and mentally suited as a companion dog and sold as a pet only. There is no guarantee about breeding ability and I recommend spaying or neutering at 6 months or at least by one year of age. The size as an adult is an estimate. This pup is guaranteed for 5 business days against any genetic health irregularities, and it is required that the buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during this time (at the buyers expense). I am not responsible for any dental work (braces, teeth extraction) or cosmetic surgery. During the first vet visit, if the puppy is found to have a minor illness or problems (coccidia, giardia, diarrhea, etc) I will pay for corrective measures necessary not to exceed the price of the pup. This is for medication only. Any tests or procedures are the buyers responsibility other than the medicines needed, as stated previously. A full refund will be given upon return of the puppy if a genetic defect renders the pup unsuitable as a pet.
In all cases a letter from the attending veterinarian will be required. After the 5 business days time period all monies paid on the puppy is non- refundable. No other guarantee is given unless the pup is found to have a genetic health problem during the first year that causes a shorter lifespan. A replacement puppy will then be offered but no monies will be refunded.

Since umbilical hernias are very common in the Shih Tzu breed and others, if the puppy has a hernia, the repair is done if necessary when the puppy is spayed or neutered as recommended by your veterinarian and is a minimal cost at this time borne by you. Overbites as well as underbites are common and do not limit the pups lifespan.

Puppies should not be given a Lepto shot until it is at least 1 year of age unless by veterinarian recommendation. Giving this shot can cause adverse reactions to many small breeds. If the puppy receives this shot and gets lethargic, you should use childrens Benadryl and call your vet immediately. Rabies should be given separately. You are responsible for all other vaccinations & care your vet recommends.

Puppies are susceptible to many airborne viruses until their immune system in fully developed. I do not recommend taking your puppy to ANY public places where other animals roam, play and are present until your puppy has completed its series of puppy shots. This includes pet stores. Parvo is airborne and we take great care not to expose our pups to any outside diseases and would like you to do the same until the 3rd shot. This is for the safety of your pet as animal feces & unvaccinated dogs can harbor diseases and parasites that can harm your puppy. Of course they can be around your dog and your friends dogs who are up to date on their shots.

The rabies information sheet as required by the State of Colorado I included in your puppy packette. Please understand at 4 months your puppy should have this vaccination. Any continuing vaccinations recommended by your vet is your responsibility as a good dog owner.

Please call with any questions. Your puppy and it’s health is very important to us.

Purchase Price __________ minus Non refundable Deposit___$200____________

Can be transferred to another pup if necessary

Buyer’s Name____________________________________________________


Phone Number________________________ Email_________________________

Buyer’s Signature_________________________________


Kathryn Michaels

13750 Canter Rd, Peyton, Co 80831 Signature___________________________

719-332-1939 Date of Pre-Sale _______________________

Date of Pickup_________________________________________

Feeding “Taste of the Wild” puppy Salmon – a no grain small kibble no corn

Nutri cal is a vitamin gel that I often use to supplement very tiny pups. It is good to have.

Goldendoodles & Goldens – Diamond Naturals – Chicken & rice – no corn