Mini Goldendoodles
(non-shedding to low shedding)and about 30 pounds

Goldendoodles can be a mix of 3/4 Poodle & 1/4 Golden Retriever (F1B) or 1/2 Poodle & 1/2 Golden (1st generation) or Goldendoodle & Goldendoodle  F2 (Multigenerational).  They are extremely smart so they learn quickly and they love children and other pets. With over 25+ years in breeding, you know you are getting the best hybrid puppy from healthy parents. We are passionate about this amazing breed and can’t wait to introduce you to our pups.

Goldendoodles are known to listen to commands and obey its owners very well and quite quickly. These are great dogs for new dog owners or have little or no experience with dog ownership because they are so smart and easy to take care of. Their coats, coloring and size vary with each litter.

These happy, friendly pups are intelligent and obedient. They also make great service and therapy dogs,

My doodles are either low shed or no shed because I do F1B or F2 breedings. Both moms & dads are mostly non shedding.n

New litters  should be Mini in size

30 pounds or less

expecting this litter to be born December

price ranges from $1600- $1800

Below are pictures of my girls

I have 4 mini  goldendoodles as my house dogs & 2 retired moms

I love my mini GD’s

Daisy & Bell are retired now & get along nicely with their daughters.