1. Shih Poo –  Shih-tzu / Poodle hybrid
poo shih puppy

These little darlings are soooooooooooo cute & smart

These non-shedding hypoallergenic breed are very good with other dogs and they definitely love their family. These pups are friendly, self confident, loyal, energetic, brave, intelligent and playful. They are also great with kids. The Shih-Poo has a round face with round eyes and a long nose. They have hanging ears and a triangular muzzle. A Shih-Poo’s coat can come in a variety of colors including tan, black, apricot, cream, sable, white, red, and chocolate. This hybrid dog is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Shih-Poos are known to be a quiet and obedient breed. Although its bark can be louder than A Shih Tzu, they are not typically “yappers”. Due to their size, Shih-Poos are typically known to be shy towards strangers until they know them. They are also fairly easy to train due to their intelligent and alert nature. Shih-Poos are also loyal, loving, and affectionate.

Shih poo - Lulu

Shih poo puppy – at 11 weeks old (Sold)








Non-shedding and best personality

Will stay small & they LOVE everyone!

Price of my Shih Poos are $1400-$1800
This little black female is now sold

I have not have any more available until after my moms have their pups.