Making the world a better place – 1 adorable pup at a time💕

 I have 30+ years of experience in showing and breeding healthy, happy puppies.

My pups come with a years health guarantee, first shots & dewormed. Dewclaws & docked tails – if necessary- are done. They will have had their “ puppy parvo” shot at 6 weeks & their first puppy shot at 8 weeks. These happy little bundles of joy that will give you a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. These pups are born in my home nursery where they  are raised to be the best pet possible and are well socialized. The neighborhood kids help me with their socialization and playtime along with myself, my son and 3 gals that help me out. I’m 70 now with a 19 year old son who keeps me young & going strong. I hope I can continue doing what I love. I am starting to cut back though and raise a limited amount of pups each year. Prices range from $1500-$2000 which is usually 1/2 price or more of pet stores or buying from out of state unseen and paying for shipping. I will not ship any of my pups.


Please watch my website for updates or text me. I do not take waitlist unless you are a previous client.  I will take a deposit after they are born and at 6-7 weeks you can come visit and select your pup. It must stay until at least 8-9 weeks of age with me.  I pride myself on finding the right pup for the right family. Puppies tend to be seasonal. I occasionally have Christmas pups and pups out of season. Most are born Spring & Fall. My website is current. When you see a picture of a pup you like, then call or text  & make a deposit or visit if they are 6 weeks or older.

 I am very protective of these puppies and moms so they must be at least 1 pound or around 6-7 weeks of age before you can visit- and 2 pounds before they can go home. 

The parents are very special as well with wonderful personalities and great confirmation.

My designer breeds are very small, non-shedding pups with wonderful personalities. They average between 6-12 lbs. when full grown but occasionally have larger pups and smaller pups. The smaller ones are kept a little them longer. I would like you to come visit my pups and parents when the pups are at least 6 weeks old when you can put down a deposit of $300 to hold your pup that can usually go home at 8 -9 weeks if they are big enough. Repeat clients have priority but I will consider deposits on pups that are 4 weeks old if we have talked previously and I know exactly what you want. You can then visit at 6-7 weeks of age.

Texting is the easiest for me. 719-332-1939

I don’t answer texts or phone calls that ask “Have any puppies” or “when is your next litter”. Please refer to my website & be more specific. I usually do not post pictures until they are 6 weeks old.

If you want a “puppy mill” dog, go to a pet store & pay more. I sell only to individuals who appreciate me and the care I give to my pups. I’m a respected Colorado breeder. I invite clients into my home where you can visit my very socialized pups. I do not meet anyone outside my home. Please respect that. I depend on Mother Nature and spring & fall are the busy times. I do not predict what I will have. Once their eyes open at 2 weeks, I can better answer questions about the breed & what I have.

I am dedicated to getting the right pup to the right home. This is my passion.

I do not sell to pet stores and I hold the right to approve everyone who wants one of my pups to make sure it is a good fit. I am there for you after the sale as well. I am licensed by the state of Colorado so you can be confident that I am the real thing and not a scam Please be aware there are a lot of scams out there. I do not give personal references but you are welcome to contact Dr. Debbie at Black Forest great value pet Clinic Or Dr. Baker at East Springs. They are very familiar with me and  every pup I have is vet checked before leaving.

i do not have pictures of the parents on my website because they have been “stolen” and used by scam artists. You can personally see the moms at 6 weeks. Dads are not interested in the pups and prefer to stay with their other girls – but I will show you pictures when you are here.

There are many scams out there – especially now. Please be aware if it sounds too good to be true- it usually is. I have heard too many sad stories lately.